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Based in Christchurch New Zealand, Dronescape specialises in aerial capturing services. We employ drones to undertake aerial mapping, photography and remote sensing tasks. We can provide up to date information from a different perspective whether it is detailed high resolution maps or pest and disease detection within crops and orchards.

Dronescape is part of a new wave of automation that is using drones to tackle complex tasks in a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods, and at competitive prices.

Aerial Photography

We Can Assist You With:
  • Aerial Photography and Ground Photography
  • Aerial Video and Ground Video
  • Commercial Quality Video Editing and Filming

Aerial Mapping

We Can Assist You With:
  • High Quality Aerial Maps
  • Farm/Orchard/Vineyard Mapping
  • GIS Mapping Assistance

Agricultural Remote Sensing

We Can Assist You With:
  • Plant/Crop Health Assessment
  • Drainage, Irrigation, and Water Mapping
  • Variable Rate Mapping – Fertiliser, Water, and Ag-Chem
  • Plant and Tree Counts

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