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Carbon Credit Mapping – Manawatu Hill Country

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) puts a price on greenhouse gas emissions, which encourages land owners to establish and manage forests to increase carbon storage and gain carbon credits.  The primary unit of trade is the NZU (New Zealand Unit), also known as carbon credits.

A lot of New Zealand farm land is steep in topography and prone to erosion, hence farmers have been planting trees to mitigate these geological effects as while as reap the benefits from carbon credits.

This has been well recognised within the forestry industry, but in this case study, we mapped 400ha of land where local farmer Tim Hobson had planted poplar tree plantations around erosion prone areas on his farm. We employed drones to physically count the tree numbers and provide mapping data to Horizons Regional Council to supply the evidence required to credit their units. The employment of drone and mapping technology is significantly more efficient and cost effective than the alternative of gathering data on foot or with a fixed wing.

Check out the video below to see this case study.