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We are one of the only New Zealand companies that capture and analyse multi-spectral drone imagery for high value agriculture, horticulture, and viticulture crops. Using advanced data analytics platform, Aerobotics,  we provide our growers with easy to understand, valuable tree crop data that can only be detected with the detail and efficiency of using multi-spectral imagery and drones; Tree counts, individual tree health monitoring, yield weight and quantity assessment.







Grower Benefits
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Strategic Planning

• Automated Tree Counts and Missing Tree reporting tool

• Digitised cloud-based orchard management software

• Tree size and grouping tool to manage replants and planting periods over time

• Orchard health comparison for prioritization and redevelopment planning & exportable reports

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Tree Health Monitoring

• Identify early-stage stress on an individual tree or zonal level

• Plan efficient scout routes to reach places of interest for grove scouts or PCA’s.

• Make data-driven decisions regarding grove prioritization

• Save on your nutritional or chemical applications by only applying when and where necessary

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Extra Side Navigation

• Allows the users to compare and benchmark blocks’ performance to track changes over time and effectively manage the orchard

• Plan efficient and targeted scouting, monitoring and intervention for blocks require the most attention

• Customisable and actionable reporting

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Yield Estimation

• Accurate yield estimation using automated canopy-level drone flights and artificial intelligence

• Reports on flight date size distributions and fruit colours

• Provides estimates of fruit size distribution at early or late harvest dates to plan for fruit size interventions and labour during harvest time

How is this data used?

Using the Aerobotics™  Aeroview platform we are able to showcase the data in a usable way. Before any flight is undertaken, a profile of the farm is created through Aeroview which the grower can access by computer or phone. Blocks can be drawn out and any known information inputted.

Flight(s) are then undertaken at set parameters and both Multi-spectral and RGB data is captured.
Once the flight(s) have been completed the data is uploaded to the platform which will then process the data into map overlays. From here the grower can toggle information as desired, (health statistics, tree counts/missing trees, NDVI & NDRE indices and a plethora of vital statistics and metrics.

Having this information at hand, the next stage of physical inspection can then take place. Aeroview allows areas of interest to be tagged through the platform and sent to a phone for scouting via GPS. Prescription maps creating zones for application can also be generated and input into machinery.


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What Is Multi-Spectral Imagery?

The colours the human eye sees in light are defined by the wavelength of that light, but plants and trees absorb and reflect light differently depending on this wavelength. Plants typically absorb blue light and red light, while reflecting some green light. They also reflect a much larger amount of near-infrared (NIR) light, which is not visible to the human eye, but is visible to multi-spectral cameras like the Mica Sense RedEdge. By measuring the reflectance of a plant at different wavelengths, multi-spectral imaging enables identification to areas of stress in plants, and provides a quantitative metric for the vigor of a plant.