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Who We Are

Kim Teear, Director, B.Com

Kim comes from a practical background, although earning a degree in accounting in 2013, he quickly found himself gravitated towards the engineering and construction environment. He worked for an accounting firm for 1 year before quickly learning his passion was lent towards civil construction. Kim was employed by OCEL, a coastal and marine engineering consultancy, where he first applied the use of drones under survey development.  He has spent the last 3 years undertaking work under his own construction and property maintenance company which he still manages today. Kim has been using RPA’s since their mainstream inception in 2011 and keeps the company up to date with the latest technological advances in their hardware and software. He is CAA accredited, meaning he can fly drones legally under civil aviation law. His mission is to use their technology to enhance better industry decision making and efficiency, particularly across the construction and marine industries where his skill set is highly applicable.

Sam Mander, Director, B.EMP

Sam has always had a strong passion for the environment and outdoors on a professional and recreational level. After completing his degree in environmental management and planning majoring in conservation and ecology at Lincoln University in 2014, he pursued a career in the agriculture sector working alongside farmers all over New Zealand and abroad for 2 years. He undertook additional education at Massey University in 2018 becoming accredited in sustainable nutrient management and is also a certified farm environment plan auditor.  On top of his directorship for Dronescape, Sam also works for an agribusiness company as a farm environmental consultant. His vision is to use their technology to help business’s achieve environmental sustainability while optimising production and economic efficiency.